As a professional artist, it is hard to find a seminar or class that is informative and challenging. The Masterclass is this and so much more. The information, tools, and live sessions are a game-changer. I highly recommend the Masterclass for any artist that wants to improve their communication, presentation, and thinking skills. Your artwork will be forever grateful.
Randi M.
This program exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I loved that the lectures incorporated subjects beyond the kind of tutorials one can easily find on YouTube. Brooks talks about imposter syndrome, the creative process, how to be an artist, spontaneity vs. planning, etc.--all crucial topics. The lectures also covered how to make a painting from start to finish, something that is hard to find elsewhere. I also loved how the lectures incorporated the instructor’s and other artists' work, sometimes exposing me to artists I had never seen before. The weekly live critique sessions were really beyond my expectations.
Kara L