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The small book that will change the way you think about oil painting in a big way, by artist Kimberly Brooks. Coming to you from Chronicle Books, May 2021.

It’s strange, since so many thousands of people enjoy (and are obsessed by) painting, that there is such a lack of good guidebooks. There are some amazing doorstops that are nearly impossible to use, like Ralph Mayer’s The Artist’s Handbook or Leslie Carlyle’s Artist’s Assistant, and there are dozens of colorful how-to manuals that offer limited information. Kimberly Brooks’s The New Oil Painting is unique in the field: it’s comprehensive, up to date, and friendly–exactly what painters need to have by their side.

James Elkins, Professor of Art Theory, Criticism Painting The School of Art Institute of Chicago Author, What Painting Is

Most existing and would be painters believe that solvents are required to thin oil paint.  But this is not good for the painter, the painting, or the environment.  Furthermore most artists know little about the materials they’re using as the fascinating history, science and knowledge has never been presented in an accessible way exclusively for oil painting in one place.  The New Oil Painting is both a reference manual and a survival guide for beginning and experienced painters. This book seeks to empower anyone take up the medium, avoid harmful fumes, live longer, and create more art.


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I learned to think about paintings three dimensionally …among many other things. I now know things about linseed oil its own mother doesn’t know… Boxes from Jerry’s Art-O-Rama pile up on my doorstep.

Cintra Wilson, Culture Critic,
The New York Review of Books

Insightful and straightforward. I have been painting for a long time, yet I learned many things from this book. It is a great addition to any studio—and to keep near your painting table.

– Enrique Martinez Celaya, Artist

By drawing parallels between the development of pigments and art epoch’s studies of light, Brook’s material history has vast implications: by investigating the organic how, we can see the pictorial anew.

– Emma Webster, Artist

Zevitas Marcus
Kimberly Brooks
New Abstractions



Los Angeles, CA – Zevitas Marcus is pleased to present New Abstractions, a solo exhibition of oil paintings by Kimberly Brooks. In creating the covers for her book, The New Oil Painting, Brooks has finally entered the world of abstraction whose door she has been knocking on for the last decade of her career. Watching the evolution of an artist who started out in portraiture dangle, then fall off the cliff of realism into abstraction is simultaneously disorienting and fascinating. As each painting endeavors to celebrate either a color or a move, Brooks’ new abstractions depict a denouement for where she has been heading. Let’s see if she stays there.  Press Release

Kimberly Brooks is a contemporary American artist who has been painting and exhibiting her works with oil for thirty years.  After learning that the real secret to the old masters was that they didn’t really use or need solvent, she created a simple guide for her students which grew into a book about everything one would need to know about the materials for oil painting.